CREATENERGYe, a proud division of JJ’s Waste & Recycling, is an innovative company dedicated to maximising the financial and environmental value of waste lubricant oil by generating alternative fuels for blasting. With a vision to deliver a greener mining future, CREATENERGYe aims for a 100% replacement of traditional blast fuels through the use of alternative fuel options. 

At the core of our services, we manage waste lubricant oil and process it to generate an alternative fuel, known as PFO, for Ammonium Nitrate (ANFO) based explosives. CREATENERGYe offers flexible solutions to accommodate clients’ needs, either by processing waste oil on-site or at our Clermont processing facility where we access our reserves to meet specific blasting ratio requirements. 

CREATENERGYe, a proud division of JJ’s Waste & Recycling, is an innovative Australian family-owned company with 90 years of experience in the waste and energy sectors.

As a trusted partner, CREATENERGYe develops and implements waste and energy solutions for clients across various industries, helping them navigate the financial and operational risks associated with the rapidly changing energy and waste markets. By working closely with clients at both corporate and site levels, CREATENERGYe ensures the development of financially viable projects tailored to their unique needs.

With an Australian Financial Services Licence (#429 473) for providing advice on regulated emissions units, CREATENERGYe offers a wide range of solutions and capabilities, including:

Our “Blend Unit” is a containerised system consisting of a tank, pumps, and flow meters, designed to facilitate a blend ratio of 50% to 70% between mineral diesel and PFO.

In addition to our primary services, CREATENERGYe leverages its extensive experience in hazardous waste management to support clients in addressing on-site waste issues such as chemical spills and parts washers.

CREATENERGYe delivers value to customers through competitive pricing, significantly below mineral diesel, and an emphasis on environmental impact. Our business has already offset enough carbon equivalent to plant 1.26 million trees, showcasing our dedication to promoting a greener future. By choosing CREATENERGYe, clients benefit from cost-effective, environmentally responsible solutions that contribute to a more sustainable mining industry.


With an Australian Financial Services Licence (#429 473) for providing advice on regulated emissions units, CREATENERGYe offers a wide range of solutions and capabilities, including:

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Oil Processing

CREATENERGYe offers a comprehensive suite of oil processing solutions, including chemical transfer pumps for efficient fluid handling, oil refinery waste crude and fuel reprocessing for optimal resource utilization, and operational waste oil reprocessing to ensure environmentally responsible disposal. Additionally, our services encompass carbon kiln, blasting, and power generation diesel displacement, focusing on the reduction of conventional diesel use and promoting sustainable energy practices across various industries.

Our Oil Processing Solutions include:

  • Chemical transfer pump
  • Oil refinery waste crude and fuel reprocessing
  • Operational waste oil reprocessing
  • Carbon Kiln diesel displacement
  • Blasting diesel displacement
  • Power generation diesel displacement

Waste Management

CREATENERGYe, in collaboration with JJ’s Waste & Recycling, delivers tailored waste management solutions to the coal mining industry in Central Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

Our environmentally responsible and efficient services encompass a wide range of waste disposal and recycling needs, including general and regulated waste, cardboard, oily water, septic maintenance, grease traps, food waste, parts washers, oily rags and filters, hook lift services, wastewater treatment, and hazardous chemical management.

Our comprehensive approach ensures sustainable and responsible waste management for the mining sector.

As the Australian energy market evolves, CREATENERGYe remains committed to engaging with clients directly and early in the process, providing proactive long-term strategic planning and turnkey project implementation for a cleaner, more sustainable future.